Two Lovers(2008)

type:film  Bean paste 6.9region:AmericaPlot:love,Plot



Lenard (Joaquin Phoenix) is abandoned by his fiancee for pathological reasons and cannot be released for a long time. Daniel's parents are considering with friends Cohen, a dry cleaner pool, Cohen's eldest daughter she Della, Vanessa, Vinessa Shaw Shaw) fell in love with Leonard, but fell in love with Richard's casual blonde neighbor michelle (Gwyneth Paltrow Gwyneth Paltrow), but unfortunately, michelle is working with a lawyer for the married Ronald (elias, 'Elia Koteas) into an extramarital affair. Renard in love in the suffering of pain, dawn and night alternated, let him do not know what to do.
This is director James gray's fourth film after the "New York trilogy" and golden globe winner joaquin phoenix's last film.

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